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Your 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit hotties, part II

02.10.2015by: Droz

Sports Illustrated has packed this year's swimsuit edition with a ton of sizzling female flesh. That's no surprise, considering that their swimsuit stuff generates a significant portion of their profits, for obvious reasons. We do tend to love tits and this annual tradition of swimsuit goodness has a bunch of them. This year SI has made a big thing out of their inclusion of so-called "plus sized" models. Robyn Lawley is their plus-sized hottie of choice this year, as is model Ashley Graham, who you might have seen recently in a somewhat silly yet scintillating bikini ad.

I'm glad to see them warming up to the idea of a, forgive the pun, more well rounded collection of idealized femininity. I've heard some grumbling from those who identify as plus-sized, as well as some who revere the ladies who identify that way, talking about how Robyn and Ashley are somewhat more trim than the plus size description usually lets on. They look pretty curvy to me - particularly when set against some of the more scrawny SI models. For the purposes of this mag, I'm pretty sure they qualify.

While we're on the topic of SI models, check out this mouth-watering video of Emily Ratajkowski posing for some of this year's swimsuit photos. They really need to get her on next year's cover.

Today's batch of swimsuit models is listed as follows:

Irina Shayk, Sara Sampaio, Ashley Smith, Chrissy Teigen, Samantha Hoopes, Solveig Mork Hansen, Kate Bock, Chanel Iman and Robyn Lawley


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