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You'll wanna make passes at Kylie Minogue wearing glasses

02.22.2017by: Cherry Liquor
It's hard to take a look at Kylie Minogue, a long-standing babe in the celebrity world of music and movies, and reconcile it with the fact that she's the same as many of our moms, pulling out a chic pair of reading glasses because she's now old enough to need them. Minogue, who will turn the unfathomable age of 49 this upcoming May, is modeling her special line of glasses frames from SpecSavers UK, looking very much as if she could have easily been another one of the Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit models. The only thing that bums me out more than her getting closer to 50 is that she's no longer the most searched Kylie, popping up after the now inflatable sex doll that once was a cute girl from a misguided family. Perhaps she could be one of the incendiaries in Minogue's upcoming new movie, FLAMMABLE CHILDREN, co-starring other Aussie greats, Guy Pearce and Radha Mitchell.
Source: Celebzz


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