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You'll wanna go stalking after checking out Kelly Rohrbach in her stockings

10.27.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I don't mind if I'm the only person who is excited to see the BAYWATCH movie. Considering that I never watched the TV show when it was on (other than living in California and driving past the areas in Malibu where it filmed when it was still on the air), this might seem strange but I like the cast. I love The Rock, especially when he's getting his straight-faced humour on, not to mention the fact that Zac Efron really has transitioned firmly from being a baby-faced Disney dancer/singer into a baby-faced comedy raunch king. Then of course there's Alexandra Daddario, who proved that she works well under Johnson's tutelage with them playing father and daughter in SAN ANDREAS, but it's more Kelly Rohrbach that I'm attracted to, with all of those easy smiles while filming that really caught my eye. She's not flashing those pearly whites for this shoot for Calzedonia, having to be that stony-faced model-type for the catalog, but damn, she still is a big slice of wonderful. So yes, I'm excited to see Kelly step into Pammy's red one-piece and be that monosyllabic babe this series deserves.
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