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You won't get any closer to showering with Danielle Campbell than this

05.23.2016by: No Cool Handle

If Danielle Campbell hosing herself down on a yacht is any indication of how fruitful this summer season is going to be – in regards to the fresh crop of young hotties who'll be spending their free time in assortments of skimpy swimwear – we're sure to get some photo sets worthy of being referred to as unforgettable; just like these. I can't tell you how long I've been waiting to get a really good look at what the CW starlet is packing back there, and it's, in a word, magnificent. There aren't just a few ass shots peppered throughout this bunch of candids, no, no, no. We get a whole assemblage of Danielle soaking wet, bending over, picking out wedgies and even, what looks to be, clenching. This is the second time she was captured in compromising positions during her Cabo getaway. At this rate, one can only guess at how many splendid visions this stunner will provide by the end of the season.

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