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You take the good with the bad in any new Katy Perry stage gear

05.05.2017by: Droz

I wonder sometimes if Katy Perry's goal with her personal style is to get people in a state of conflict about her. I've looked around and I don't find many folks who have anything nice to say about what Katy has done with her hair as of late. In fact, it's just the opposite. They pretty much hate it. I can't argue with them on that. Who was getting tired of her gorgeous, long, black locks? Clearly only Katy. But, there are compensations to dumb hair choices. Her new stage gear, for instance, is about as inspired as any I've seen her select. If you can't get the whole Katy package the way it should be, I suppose securing the T&A portion intact is a suitable compromise. Katy seems to understand it's better to leave that part of her person alone.

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