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You should meet Cuban stunner Rachell Vallori

10.28.2016by: Droz

I pride myself on being able to spot the best and brightest new prospects just as they find themselves on the cusp of graduating from regular model to supermodel. I've seen many a fine hottie rise to those illustrious ranks in my time here, doing my modest little part in helping them along to personal achievement. Now comes the next find in my relentless pursuit of exquisitely perfect sex appeal. She goes by the name of Rachell Vallori and she is something quite special. Not only has she got that sultry Cuban thing happening, but she's also quite find of the nakedness, which has a funny way of really moving new models right up that ladder of success. It seems like the two main pathways to success for new models is to either have some outrageously gifted area, aka huge tits. Or they have to be cool with making their insanely hot bodies available for nude spreads, like these two below. I think it's safe to say Rachell will go far.

Source: NSFW


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