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You saw the Oscar hotties, now see some of the Oscar party hotties

02.25.2013by: Droz

So how did you guys do in your Oscar pools? I did awfully, as usual. It's funny, I always seem to do okay up until the big winners start. After that, all my picks start to turn to shit. Oh well, at least it wasn't the massacre that it was in years previous. Of course, I wasn't the only loser out there. Obviously only a select few get the big Hollywood treatment in the main event. Others only got seats in the nosebleeds and still more didn't even get to show up at all. For the latter groups, the only consolation to Oscar indifference is an invitation to one of the many Oscars after parties, which most anyone with an IMDB page can get into. And of course, everyone wants to look good, even if they didn't get to walk the big, red carpet. Some of the more notable folks that showed up at the various parties were such hotties as Heidi Klum, who packed herself into an impressively boobalicious gold dress everyone is going nutty over. Nina Dobrev was also at one of the parties, looking like the sexy little pixie that she is. Olivia Munn delivered some satisfying side boob action. Amber Heard showed up as well, bringing back some welcome sexy after a long absence from the hottie scene. And most surprising to me, Renee Zellweger of all people, showing off a surprisingly hot body with a healthy supply of ass. Nice to see her give up her "too skinny" ways and grow some curves.

Some fine hottie showings this year overall. Not quite the same spectacle of previous years though. The trend in fashion seems to be toward a more conservative glamor this year. Not many of the scandalously revealing numbers seen in previous years. Shame about that, but still an okay selection of Hollywood hotties nonetheless.


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