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You may now peruse Salma Hayek's entire super hot GQ Mexico spread

11.02.2016by: Droz

One thing which always annoys me about highly anticipated spreads like this one of Salma Hayek in the new GQ Mexico, is how the first pics to come out always seem to be from some total idiot using a scanner from the last millennium. The result is a series of shitty-looking images I then have to go in and clean up to the best of my ability. Is there some rule which states that the first guy to get the sexy new magazine spread into a scanner has to be the guy with no idea what he's doing? Apparently so. Now I'm gonna have to go back in a few days or weeks and replace all these with the good versions that come later. The woes of a downtrodden news editor. I think I'll wile them away with the seductive curves of Mexico's most beloved daughter, at least in my estimation. Salma is still the best around.

Source: GQ


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