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You know it, you love it, you can't live without it - it's Hilary Duff's butt!

04.05.2016by: Droz

Oh yes, the greatest booty around right now is back for some more bulging from blue jeans as she makes her way to points unknown in the City of Angels. Hilary Duff may have moved on from the whole skinny jeans thing and into the retro bell bottoms look that's in right now, but she's not letting that flared out look have any effect on her frequent indulgences in ample cheeks pushing out from super tight denim. I'm not sure what Hilary is up to here. Looks a little a bit like house-hunting. Perhaps her Duffness is seeking more prestigious Beverly Hills accommodations to rest this glorious booty in. All I know is that my day goes so much better when it's highlighted with this ass, doing its very special thing for our viewing pleasure. Her butt gives me hope.

Source: NSFW


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