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You knew Ashley James wasn't going to stay out of a bikini for long

06.21.2016by: Droz

It's kinda funny to peruse our newly christened Ashley James gallery and find that most of the articles we've posted on her are all bikini shots. Shots not unlike those below, featuring the busty Brit still hanging out by the water in Mykonos. Can't say I blame her for that. I'd kinda like to be there with her, instead of huddled in a room praying the AC doesn't go out while outside the surface of the Earth is on the verge of bursting into flame amidst record-breaking heat. Speaking of really hot things, Ashley's bikini pics might be completely contrived, but the intended effect, namely to point out how spectacular she looks in a bikini, remains valid. And frankly, I much prefer my sexy body in bikini pics to be perfectly framed and lit like these. It's the kind of quality you just can't get out of the more improvised pics. So feel free to keep pumping these fake ass pics out there, Ashley. We'll take all you got.

Source: NSFW


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