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You have a play date with Hilary Duff's ass in super tight jeans

10.24.2016by: Droz

It figures. I tend to sit on Hilary Duff butt pics for awhile, as they seem to show up one after another. Rather than make a new Duff butt post every day or sometimes twice a day, which would be necessary to post these pics in short order, it's easier to just put them all together in a mega post from time to time. The snag is that they keep coming. So I figure I should just wait another day and see if there's a pause, which would give me a chance to catch up on all the Duff butt you can feast your eyes on. That's what I did last week.

And then Hilary proceeded to wear some shit to the park the very next day after I made my post which totally blew away everything I posted the day before for sheer ass awesomeness. It's almost as if Hilary is toying with us. She lets us think we've seen the best we're going to see of her ass for now, then tops herself with something even better. Hilary, you do tax me. But I love you for it. Don't ever change.

Source: Superior Pics


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