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You gonna let some hairy legs interfere with your Bella Thorne fantasies?

08.16.2016by: Droz

I get the feeling Bella Thorne has become kinda drunk on all the attention she's been getting from folks like us because of all her, well, you know. For awhile there it was constant shots of her in stuff pretty much designed to titillate. Everywhere she went it was always Bella looking to show off. This hasn't necessarily stopped, but rather taken on a kind of whimsical absurdity. Take these pics of her going for an impromptu bike ride around some LA beach with some kind of lacy cat ears, ripped jeans, suede coat and a bikini top. Yeah, that's a little different. Then there's Bella doing a sidewalk stroll in a super short skirt. Sounds like normal Bella behavior, until you notice she hasn't shaved her legs in a while and appears to have the crumbs of her last meal sprinkled across her chest. Like I said, kinda drunk on attention is Bella nowadays. Or maybe she feels like she doesn't really need to try. They're lining up around the corner despite the weirdness of her attire or how furry her legs get. She's got a point there.

Source: Superior Pics


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