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You don't need x-ray vision to see through Ariel Winter's top

02.16.2017by: No Cool Handle

It's been a minute since anything related to Ariel Winter and her famous chest have been seen around the web. She's dialed down the number of public appearances made in a pair of jean shorts, cut so high it looks as though they're being gobbled up by her ass. Has the crotch cutter fad come and gone so soon? The way this girl is notorious for never passing on an opportunity to show off her cheeks makes the return of them short shorts all but a certainty. In the meantime, the young Modern Family star has opted for attire that shifts focus to, you guessed it, her large, lovely tits. Ariel Winter showed up at the Catch restaurant in LA wearing a completely transparent top, fully exposing the expensive designer bra underneath, making her two adult toys look firm, propped up and perfectly rounded out. Yes, even when Ms. Winter shows a little sign of restraint, some parts of her body will still remain on display; of that you can be sure.

Source: NS4W


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