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You don't need x-ray vision to see some Hannah Davis booty

12.03.2015by: No Cool Handle

Sure, this isn't the most timely of posts; the 2015 American Music Awards aired a little over a week ago, although, it hardly makes one bit of difference. Why? Because Hannah Davis's ass has that timeless quality to it. A substantial amount of years will have to pass us by before rendering any part of this beauties anatomy irrelevant. This professional swimsuit model is so hot, she gets invited to all of these major events she has nothing to do with. Thankfully so; I start to get the shakes if too much time goes by until I get a Hannah Davis fix, and this set of photos does the trick. Whichever designer came up with the idea to make the lower half of the dress completely see-through... it was a good idea. While certainty is the most rarest of things; I'm quite certain nobody's ever going to say: A little less of Ms. Davis's ass please. For their follow-up design they need to make the northern region equally sheer. You'd be hard-pressed to find anybody that would protest that as well.

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