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You needn't know who Anastasiya Scheglova is to enjoy what she has to offer

09.27.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's something of a small pleasure, to spread searing hot images a beautiful Russian doll like Anastasiya Scheglova around the web, particularly to those who've yet had the honor of looking over that eye-popping body. Even though the extent of my own familiarity is somewhat limited, I've definitely come across post-worthy photo sets of the Moscow minx before; both risqué and tame. This orgy of assorted lingerie, thankfully, belongs in the risqué column. I have no idea what company she's touting these tasty treats for, but I like a designer who develops panties that have a special cutout for the ass crack. It's an ingenious bit of lacy ingenuity, made all the more intriguing because it's Anastasiya whose demonstrating its functionality, while showing a topless bit of side boob. If when you first saw her difficult-to-pronounce name and thought: Who? – Now you know, and you're unlikely to ever forget. Here's a quick tip... With a little diligence and a quick Google search, you can enjoy photos of this lovely gal in the raw; she's not the least bit shy.

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