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You don't have to be a pie maker to love that Anna Friel is back on TV

04.07.2015by: Cherry Liquor

As much as I am a die-hard Browncoat who eagerly donated money to the ultra-meta project from Alan Tudyk & Nathan Fillion, CON MAN (only 4 days left to fund!), I could just as easily have given my hard-earned dough to a revival of "Pushing Daisies." Yet another one of the awesome projects from the team who created other canceled-too-soon favorites of mine, "Wonderfalls" and "Dead Like Me," PD is the place where most people first caught on to how awesome Anna Friel is. In the show, she was the girl loved by the pie maker (Lee Pace, that wonderful chameleon of an actor man), envied by the pie slinging waitress (tart & sharp Kristin Chenoweth), and cursed to never consummate anything with the pie maker because of a tragic side effect of his magical powers. Basically, if you haven't watched the show, get on that shit.

Now Anna is heading back to a regular basic cable gig with the show "American Odyssey," which she was promoting this week at the NBC Summer Press Tour, looking fit and fab. The show premiered over the Easter weekend to so-so ratings and will return with new episodes Sundays on NBC at 10pm. The thriller will follow Friel as an American Special Forces operative (again, the Brits play us Yanks with so much more poise, it makes sense in their casting) who gets caught up in strife in North Africa. The show is drawing comparisons to "Homeland" but its creators are stating that they are anti-corporate and anti Citizens United, a supposed non-profit organization developed by ultra-rich conservatives. "The idea of people being paid to fight on behalf of American corporations on foreign soil is a bizarre concept that we thought was scary," says creator Adam Armus. And with the soft ratings from the premiere, it looks as if TV watching Americans either aren't scared or don't know they should be.


Source: HawtCelebs


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