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You don't get much more photogenic than Victoria Justice

02.15.2016by: No Cool Handle

I've spent a fair amount of time today focusing on the boobage. Between Kat Denning's cleavage and Rihanna's nips, it was a natural response to such circumstance. Same goes for my immediate reaction to the photogenic features of Victoria Justice. Only this time, I'm forced to focus on her awesome legs – ok, not forced. The truth is I'm more than happy to wake up to images of a virtually flawless pair of pins that anyone with blood pumping through their veins would be happy to have wrapped around their waistline. There's nothing about this supremely gorgeous runway walker I find unappealing. Pristine, perfect, unsullied and the aforementioned, flawless, are the only things that come to mind when staring at that face. You'd think her standing in front of Delta Airlines promotional material would create an instant association to the mile high club, but not with her. I would never relegate this peach to bumping her beautiful ass against dirty bathroom walls. Only satin sheets and rose petals will do Victoria justice.

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