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You don't need glasses to check out how hot Kylie Minogue still is

03.08.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I find it amusing that at 48-years old, Kylie Minogue is still referred to as a "pop princess." At what point does she get to ascend to the rank of queen? Or hell, even duchess? The pint-sized Aussie might be getting close to that half-century mark but she still looks as if she could legitimately be a young princess, far more so than say, Jennifer Lopez, who is only a year younger than her. There isn't a lot of work going on aside from the generic Botox that every celebrity over the age of 21 is injecting into their foreheads, which makes it all the much more impressive. And now that she's single again, who knows what she'll be up for? Kylie has mentioned that her break-up is contributing to the writing and production of another album, so once she's done venting, there's some getting-back-in-the-game woo-hoo to be gotten, I'm sure.
Source: Daily Mail


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