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You can't say that Jennifer Lopez doesn't put on a good show

01.21.2016by: Droz

One really must give Jennifer Lopez credit for not slowing down. She could be starting to find ways to take it easy as she approaches 50, yet clearly that's just not how she does things. She'd rather become a virtual contortionist onstage for the kickoff of her new "All I Have" Vegas show. I don't think I've ever seen a woman her age pull off moves like that without injuring something. I'm genuinely impressed. And then of course, there's the ass. It wouldn't be J-Lo without the booty.

As good as these pics are, they do present something of a distorted perspective on what one can expect from this particular J-Lo performance. For one thing, I suspect viewing it from the audience isn't quite as good as following Jennifer around on stage, getting choice, up close views of her ass as she engages in painful-looking splits and other activities designed to call attention to her quite remarkably well toned bod. One also doesn't have to listen to the music accompanying these moves, which is another plus. So consider this the exclusive All I Have experience, in that it excludes all the stuff you don't need to see or hear.

Source: Superior Pics


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