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You can't help but be a little infatuated with Kelli Berglund

04.19.2016by: No Cool Handle

There was once a point in our recent past when Kelli Berglund was only familiar to tweens, but that's now over. It's time to usher in a new epoch; a time when the name Kelli Berglund is known across the globe not only by the young female demographic, but also the males – from young whippers to full grown men. Even older men who can sense that slight air of classic Hollywood beauty like that of Ava Gardner emanating from her person (There's a seemingly random still I posted just to punctuate that statement). For myself, this lovely young lass went from obscurity to my most recent infatuation in the blink of a batting eye. Bella Thorne may be the top up-and-coming sex symbol, but Kelli Berglund here is the kind of hottie that makes you begin your fantasies with romantic gestures before getting to the dirty stuff.

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