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You can see why Lurelly loves to feature Bryana Holly

11.03.2016by: No Cool Handle

This isn't the first time the feminine apparel company Lurelly has called upon Bryana Holly to help tout their wares. Hell, the Instagram sensation is practically on retainer. Who better to sell high-end clothing than a high-end hottie like Bryana? From a $700 Parisienne Gown to $150 Bra sets, this beautiful blonde makes it all the good – needless to say, Lurelly has found Bryana to be a most useful mammal. Those of you who frequent this section know I do my damnedest to keep you stocked with Bryana Holly content. I can only hope you share my desire to see this perfect female specimen go on to become one of the modeling industry's hottest commodities. For the same reason Playboy appropriately referred to her as "God-given gorgeous," because those are the kind of phrases that come to mind while observing Ms. Holly in an assortment of sexy garb. Something you'll find to be true whilst clicking to this collection.

Source: Lurelly


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