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You can see why GQ Mexico is singling out Dani Pappas in their weekly spotlight

01.28.2016by: No Cool Handle

GQ Mexico saw fit to name Dani Pappas their woman of the week. I'm eternally grateful they did because this blonde is a knockout. I have no idea who she is or where she came from - probably Instagram or Twitter. Or perhaps the Lord Our God was tooling around in my mind and found what I imagine a perfect body to look like, then poof, made her appear. Sorry if this pictorial dates back a bit and you've already spent your quality time with them. Wait ... I'm not sorry at all. The lack of results from a last minute Google search lead me to believe there are too many like me who haven't be privy to these pics. It's imperative that as many enthusiasts possible are. You should be kissing my - and GQ Mexico's - hairy bean bag for spreading this kind of awesomeness. I don't mean to be crass ... it's hard to be dispassionate about these quality images. Every photographer, magazine and female exploition web site need to see these. This is how a sexy photo set is done; not a lackluster one in the bunch.

Extra Tidbit: Now that's an ASS!
Source: GQ Mexico


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