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You can count on June for high temps and an even hotter Sophie Simmons

06.24.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I really should start including the full hyphenate of Sophie Simmons' name to include Tweed, not just because it's the name that she goes by and not just because it's out of respect for her legendary hottie mom, Shannon Tweed but because the more time that goes by, the more Sophie really looks more like her mama. Gene may have had some questionable fashion choices over the years but he got lucky with Tweed agreeing to be his baby mama. Sophie has appeared at a number of events this June, including the more recent Mercedes Benz Evolution Tour kick-off last night in New York, but also at American Cancer Society Birthday Ball in Beverly Hills back on June 6th and of course - I seriously don't know how I missed it - Sophie in that red dress at the premiere of INSIDIOUS 3 in Hollywood on June 4th. Yowza!

As for Tweed-Simmons outside of the glam of the red carpet and paparazzi, the woman continues to impress me, starting a body positive fashion line (priced for any woman's wallet) in response to the nasty tabloid headlines referring to her as Gene's "plus-sized" daughter. If this is plus sized, I wish the whole f*cking world of women was plus sized. Following her on Twitter & Instagram is also a treat, because yeah, she's HOT and also because there's no special filtering, Photoshopping or intense managerial decisions with what she posts... just straight up Sophie. Who would have though that one of the most well-known womanizers would create such an outstanding feminist?

Source: Zimbio


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