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You can always rely on Chloe Goodman to put on a sexy bikini show

08.05.2016by: No Cool Handle

On principle, I try to avoid giving reality TV stars their desperately-needed dose of attention. But when it comes to Chloe Goodman, I can't help myself; I'm a Chloe Goodman fan. Yes, she embodies all of the superficial, attention junkie characteristics that are the very reasons why people make it a point to ignore them – especially when their modicum of fame comes from shows entitled 'Ex on the Beach.' Chloe makes this impossible, though. My need to thoroughly look over her awesome bikini body is as strong as her need for people to notice it. It's a symbiotic relationship; a strong, naturally occurring impulse that's impossible to fight... So I don't. Here's her lovely curves barely concealed by a polkadot covered bikini. I think you'll find her difficult to resist, as most anyone with warm blood coursing through their veins would.

Source: ns4w


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