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You again, Ariel Winter? You just can't stop bringing the boobs, can you?

08.17.2016by: Droz

I wonder how long it's going to take for me to stop wondering what events like Ariel Winter's Variety event boob show would be like, had she not had those things reduced. Just imagine the sheer girth. They're already massive now, so I can only assume the original Ariel titties would have been rivaling Hendricks titty shows at this point. You remember those, with the pushed out cleavage so massive it looked like she was using some kind of scaffolding just to keep it all contained. I'd love to see those kinds of impossible boob displays get handed down to a new generation. But I suppose we should be happy with what we're getting from Ariel. Things could be much worse there. Just imagine if she were keeping all her boobies powers hidden under boring attire which does nothing to show us what she's got happening there. Now THAT would be a tragedy.

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