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Yet another Jennifer Lawrence Passengers photo call has us connecting dots

12.02.2016by: Droz

Clearly they're determined to go overboard with the PASSENGERS photo calls. It's funny, we have all this technology in place which allows us to avoid so much of what once had to be done in person. We don't have to shop, or mail things, or go most places really. Yet somehow no one has figured out a way to let hotties like Jennifer Lawrence avoid this Magellan style global circumnavigation around the world to promote her movies. Every time she does something on a big budget scale, she's got to do this global publicity two step. I'm not complaining, especially when it's J-Law in a polka dot number with the sexy cleavage. I'll take as much of that as she can dole out. I'm sure Jen finds it rather annoying though. Then again, they are getting paid for this. So every time a jet touches down on a runway in a new city or country or continent, that's dollar signs flashing in her eyes. Looked at from that perspective, maybe it's not such a burden. At the very least it's keeping the Jennifer Lawrence posts coming. Can't complain about that.

Source: NSFW


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