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Yanet Garcia's backside is very sociable

12.01.2015by: No Cool Handle

Try googling Yanet Garcia. Curiously, all that comes up are stills from her various weather reports (she's a weather girl for a Mexican TV new station in case you didn't know), and selfies she's posted on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. When you look at said photos, you'll immediately notice one of the most spectacular asses on the Internet today. It makes me wonder why some of the more popular magazine publication aren't clawing at the opportunity to put those curves in front of a professional lens.Am I truly alone in thinking that her backside deserves much more attention than it's getting? At least I know she thinks the same. Here's a pretty robust collection of selfies posted by Ms. Garcia herself, featuring her glorious glutes. People give the selfie a lot of shit – mostly because it makes the subject look like a vain tool. But if it wasn't for this smart phone byproduct, there would be much less ass featured on the World Wide Web today. Looking at this Latin beauties ironclad cheeks, makes that a truly depressing alternate reality; one nobody would want to inhabit.

Source: Lazy Girls


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