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Yanet Garcia shares the results of her proven ass exercises

09.01.2016by: No Cool Handle

When she's not busy keeping the good people of Mexico informed about the day's weather, Yanet Garcia spends much of her time keeping that freakishly perfect ass of hers in primo condition. She shares the process, and the results, with her followers on Instagram, especially when she captures a moment that is flattering to her backside. In case you haven't noticed the trend, with this hottie, it's all about the ass. I sometimes forget how lovely her face is (she Kind of reminds me of a Latina Jennifer Love Hewitt); but, on those rare occasions I take my eyes off the southern region and reacquaint myself with her lid, I'm reminded of the total package that is she. The boobs, the flat midriff and legs any sane person would want wrapped around their waist, it all works to great effect. And thanks to her compulsion to post, we get sexy reminders, all of the time.

Source: Instagram


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