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Yanet Garcia's curvy figure never ceases to amaze

03.08.2017by: No Cool Handle

In the off chance Yanet Garcia reads every write-up about herself she comes across, please respond to my question in one of your sexy YouTube videos. Why is the bulk of your professional portfolio still made up of selfies? Why aren't you landing gigs with some big-name photographers attached? It's a riddle, despite my sincerest efforts, I've been unable to solve. I love the sexy images she takes via cell phone and consumer grade camcorders, but this is one hottie who's destined for greater things. The world's hottest weather girl has been standing in the Instababe puddle so long she has webbed feet. Take a hard look at Yanet and tell me she shouldn't be the front woman for every major bikini, lingerie and jewelry designer. If you asked me two years ago (when I really started to take notice), I would've predicted Yanet Garcia to be rising the ranks of top models in matter of months – if not weeks. The girl is obviously in her prime; it's time to take full advantage.

Source: Instagram


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