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Yanet Garcia has the greatest ass of any weather girl... ever

10.08.2015by: No Cool Handle

Say hello to one of the sexiest weather girls I've ever come across, Yanet Garcia. It seems Mexico has figured out the easiest way to make reporting on precipitation, wind velocity and possible storms much more interesting. Find a girl so hot she's suitable for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover (or in these days; promoting 138 water), and have her tell everyone about the next cold front. Here is a very awesome set of photos she recently did for H Magazine wearing nothing but underwear... and sometimes just the arm bra. I'd like to amend the leading line of this introduction to: Say hello to one of the sexiest women alive. She is way too gorgeous, and that ass too perfect, to place in such a narrow bracket. I hope these photos spread like wildfire so she can quit that stupid weather reporting gig and become a full-time, flesh peddling, self promoter.

As if the photos weren't enough; here's a link to the behind-the-scenes video: You're Welcome!

Source: Egotastic


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