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Yanet Garcia keeps her body in primo condition

12.20.2016by: No Cool Handle

​Yanet Garcia is a living, breathing work of art. A hottie worthy of additives like: flawless, perfect, ethereal. Only a woman of her stature can make a man want to wax poetic while waxing that ass. Not only should her beauty be revered around the globe, but the amazing shape of her butt should be given it's own constellation – immortalized in the cosmos – to remind generations to come that a truly perfect female once walked among us. Such a goddess was she, we as a people decreed her ass will forever loom large in the sky – a celestial body of her celestial body. And long after the cockroaches, bottom feeders and creatures that crawl on their belly have taken over the planet, Yanet' ass remains, composed of tiny specks of starlight. Next to her, where there was once Orion's belt, is now a constellation of Orion's pants pulled down around his ankles and his dick in his hand.

Source: Instagram


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