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Xenia Deli is hotter than the A1A asphalt

05.12.2017by: No Cool Handle
It's been a while since we've seen much of Xenia Deli around these here parts ... over a year by my estimations. Up until the serendipitous moment I stumbled upon these images featuring the magnificent Moldavian back in her element, posing for pictures in revealing swimsuits and astonishing lesser mortals with her ravishing good looks Xenia Deli's unfailing ability to generate tingling sensations in highly sensitive areas was almost beyond recollection. Of all the memories to be willingly erased during a "spotless mind" session, I'd prefer it if vivid reminders of Xenia's all natural beauty remained safeguarded, ready to be recalled at a moments notice. And speaking of "things to be remembered," go ahead and add these pictures of Xenia Deli's latest Miami Beach bikini romp to the fortified wing of your mind palace. Hers is a body worthy of remembrance.
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