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Xenia Deli in leather, lace and latex for Design Scene

02.25.2016by: No Cool Handle

Believe it or not, writing about sexy females can be a challenging task. When the euphemisms run dry; when the innuendo reeks of repetition, it makes it difficult to even know where to begin. Xenia Deli is a fine example of this conundrum. As far as I can tell, she doesn't do anything other than look hot, leaving very little to discuss. Her obituary will read: Xenia Deli... fine as f#*k. Take her latest leather and latex pictorial for Design Scene - too hot to ignore, in spite of the fact we're treading familiar territory. Yes, this is not her first foray into light fetish; there are many levels of fetish, something around 50 Shades I'm told. This causes me to resort to bad puns like the one you just read. I know(!), a direct analysis always does the trick. We get a few awesome shots of her legs, tight tummmy, panties and tittie tops. All of which are on full display in various, seductive outfits. My favorite is the black trenchcoat. Perfect for showing up to a late night booty call wearing nothing but skin underneath.

Source: Design Scene


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