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X factor hottie Katie Waissel flaunts her white hot bikini body

10.06.2016by: No Cool Handle

America's Got Talent, The Voice and The X Factor – shows where willing participants get a shot at fame and fortune, but usually end up getting more attention for bikini pics of their most recent vacation; the Internet is funny like that. Even if former contestant Katie Waissel had won, chances are I'd still be more farmiliar with her sexy body than her supposedly steller voice – we are talking about one awesome bikini bod. Great Britain sure has become a breeding ground for hot pop singers, and while she may not be a hottie of Rita Ora's caliber (In my eyes, there are very few who can match Rita's raw sexuality), pictures of Katie Waissel's lovely form can still be the cause of some serious eyestrain. Like so many young pop star's, though, Ms. Waissel would do both herself, and her admirers, some good by showing restraint when covering all that tasty flesh with ink.

Source: Got Celeb


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