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WWE's Bella Twins are your rock solid babes in Muscle & Fitness magazine

09.29.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Believe it or not, Muscle & Fitness magazine has been around for 76 years and this is the first time that the publication has ever featured twin women on the cover. I know, it's not as if there's a long list of hot women with big muscles who also happen to be twins and well known in the world of professional wrestling, but it's still a feat for Nikki & Brie Bella, also known as the Bella Twins in the world of WWE. The magazine hit newsstands this week as a part of a cross promotion for the upcoming E! Network reality show, "Total Bellas," an offshoot of what I guess was another one of their shows called "Total Divas" which focused on all of the female wrestlers in the WWE. The women both look fit AF for the photoshoot, and they talk about the upcoming program and how it will focus on Nikki's recovery from a neck injury as well as the impending retirement of Daniel Bryan, Brie's husband. Between that and the fact that the network has everyone (including Nikki's longtime boyfriend and funniest pinch hitter in some sloppy comedies, John Cena) living under one roof, perhaps we can crown a new family the tabloidyest best. I know a lot of you seem so plagued by E!'s other "reality" family, this might just be the change everyone needs.
Source: Celebuzz


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