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WWE Diva Paige goes for the sexy sideboob move in new photoshoot

04.19.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I don't follow wrestling enough to be appropriately correct on most of the titles and whatnot but from what I've paid attention to, there is no longer a WWE Diva Championship as of earlier this month when they transitioned over to the WWE Women's Championship, where Charlotte was crowned (belted?) the winner. But that's not going to stop me from noticing this new shoot from photographer Carlos Velez, who made 2014's top Diva, Paige look like a sexy bitch out of some 1980's hair metal video. I understand that this is part of her wrestling persona, the pale skin, black hair and leather & lace wardrobe but it's still sexy in that throwback kind of way. Paige rarely shows as much skin as some of the other female wrestlers, even recently being seen in a full-body cover-up during a bikini photoshoot that the women did as a group. So it's a nice surprise to see her baring a little sideboob for our pleasure. The tattoo on her ribcage is in memory of her brother Isak, spelling out, "If you could read my mind, love."


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