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Work up a sweat with Nina Dobrev

04.26.2017by: No Cool Handle

Even as a young lad (around 13 or so) I always wondered why companies like Nike, Adidas and Reebok used bulging male athletes, saturated in sweat, to sell their wares. Why Wouldn't they take a cue from Budweiser and use fit females in sports bras and spandex, also saturated in sweat, to make their ad campaigns twice as effective? I know athletic dudes don't wear sports bras – not out in public anyway; well, maybe Bruce Jenner – but a brand's modus operandi is to get people to notice them, something glistening female bodies does far better than a man's. To better illustrate my point, here's Nina Dobrev working up a sweat while hosting the Reebok Classic Crib. Upon looking over the former CW starlet's incredible figure, I instantly thought of Reebok as a competitor of consequence in the combative business of selling athletic gear. Putting Nina in front of a giant shrub with the words "Reebok Classic" – spelled-out in white blossoming flowers, wearing a bra top and miniskirt – is a good way to make people remember the brand. If only the photographer hired to document the event was able to get some better angles, Reebok might've sold some shoes.

Source: NS4W


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