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She did it again! Britney Spears shows off her fit form in another bikini

08.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor
If I had to wager who would have bounced back so much from personal crisis, I never would have put my money on Britney Spears. It's why I almost never go to Vegas, although considering the shows Brit has been putting on over there, looking as fit as ever, I might have to change my rules and roll the dice on that one. Britney is still hanging in Hawaii this weekend, showing off her hard work in little bikinis. She already did the wet & sandy red bikini thing late last week and this time it was all about the orange, to go with her Cheeto-like complexion. I love that these paparazzi shots are going to disprove all of the haters who claimed that Instagram bikini post was Photoshopped a few months back. Look at the angle of the same pose and you'll see that it's just good flexing and the right camera angle, not the magic of manipulation. Go Britney! I'll try to remember to always bet on blonde next time.
Source: Pop Sugar


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