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02.18.2010by: Seth Gecko

About a year or so ago, it came to our attention that a small independent film called "Women In Trouble" which was currently being prepared for release and was thought to be a big hit in disguise. The film itself looks at the troubled life of various women with different occupations such as a porn star, a flight attendant, a psychiatrist, a masseuse, a bartender, a pair of call girls, etc. When I read that some of my favourite hotties ever would star as these women, my anticipation for this flick went through the roof. However when the movie finally released, there was absolute silence all across the land. Nobody spoke about the film at all and I was upset as I thought it could have been at the very least a "hottie" classic.

None of this happened unfortunately and I feel a responsibility as one of the head writer's of this site to advertise the fact that I've rented the movie, I loved it and highly recommend it to others. It finally released on DVD and Blu-Ray this week for all to enjoy and to celebrate this occasion, I've posted three amazing clips below from the film highlighting some of my favourite sexy moments from the flick. Several beautiful actresses such as Carla Gugino, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Marley Shelton appear in the film and their scenes are hotter than hell. So be sure to check out the amazing clips below and be sure to check out the entire movie which has been released in stores now.

Carla Gugino's Hot Lingerie & Tease Scene

Emmanuelle Chriqui's Hot Cleage & Wig Scene

Marley Shelton's Hot Bra & Love Scene

Extra Tidbit: Sometime this year, a spin-off called ELEKTRA LUXX will release starring Carla Gugino as well as the original cast plus a few new familiar hotties (Malin Akerman baby!).


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