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Winslet & Mendes No More

03.16.2010by: Seth Gecko

Well ladies and gents, you've all heard the news and many of you are probably still scratching your heads wondering what the hell happened. I unfortunately won't be able to provide any detailed answers for all of you as I'm not in the couple's inner-circle but I thought I'd open up the discussion to everyone on the latest divorce news of actress Kate Winslet and acclaimed-director Sam Mendes. After nearly seven years of marriage, the two Hollywood stars announced a "mutual" choice to separate for good and for many guys out there such as myself, we're too happy that Kate's single again to even care (Only kidding, I'm not happy they broke-up but Kate is way too hot and single so us guys can't help ourselves).

No other real details have been released and when this news first appeared, my beautiful partner in crime Cherry Liquor relayed some interesting facts to me in terms of Oscar winning actresses and their sudden "break-ups" within a short period of winning the gold statue. The following below are her facts to me:

1)Julia Roberts wins for ERIN BROKOVICH and suddenly is no longer engaged to Ben Bratt.

2)Hilary Swank wins for BOYS DON'T CRY and later divorces from husband Chad Lowe.

3)Reese Witherspoon wins for WALK THE LINE and shortly after Ryan cheats on her and they end up divorced.

It's almost too strange to be coincidence and it's almost as though the ladies were given a huge boost of ego/fame and the men couldn't stand it anymore. However, myself and the gang thought we'd open up the discussion to all of you out there in this post but it also gives me the excuse to post ridiculously hot photos of Kate which you can all enjoy below. So what do you think of all this? Is it the Oscar curse? Do you even care? Are you currently trying to hack Kate's cellular ESN? Tell us.


Source: Yahoo News!


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