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Will colder temps stop Ariel Winter from showing off the boobs? Nope

12.14.2016by: Droz

Ariel Winter's continued baiting of folks like myself with revealing shots of her ample bosom continues unabated, despite the onset of colder winter weather. Clearly Ariel and her T&A are made of stronger stuff. They can withstand some mildly chilly weather, if it means keeping her boobs firmly set in our collective attention span. I understand her reasoning there. It's the same reason corporations smear their logo feces all over everything. Having large breasts she shows off a lot is Ariel's brand. And brands don't make it very far in this world unless they can get you and I to take notice of them. It's all a part of that big, capitalist merry-go-round. Ariel shows off her tits, you come here and look at them while being advertised to from people who pay us. Then those people get paid by you when you buy their stuff. And that's how the wheel goes round and round.

Why am I having visions of Ned Beatty right now?

Source: NSFW


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