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Will 2013's Super Bowl headliner have a wardrobe malfunction you'd be happy about?

10.17.2012by: Cherry Liquor

It'll be the 9 year anniversary of the 2004 "wardrobe malfunction" performance where Janet Jackson got her pierced tit exposed by co-performer Justin Timberlake and it arouses a bit of frustration and anger in me to this day. For the record, I'm not a football fan. (Just in case any of you missed that.) I don't watch the Super Bowl, not ever for the commercials. I go places while it's on and get errands done in record time, watch movies in nearly empty theaters and have pleasantly quiet meals at nice restaurants. Then I get home before the drunken masses flood the streets and stay safe watching all of the commercials that were aired as people post them on YouTube, before the site pulls them for copyright infringement. I hate that Justin apologized and people practically bear-hugged him. Janet refused to cower and people didn't show her sympathy for 5 years, when her brother died. Go figure.


But now, as long as you don't count Madonna, another female will be headlining the half-time show in 2013 and this time it's someone who you'll cheer over to get a nip-slip out of, not that she'd ever have something so scandalous happen in her perfect life. Beyonce will be heading to the stage and getting broadcast by CBS, the very station that went nutzo after Nipplegate. When they booked AARP member, Madonna, to perform solo last year, it was open season in asking whether or not she would promise to not have a repeat of what happened with Janet. Yes, 8 years after the fact and point blank questioning her history as if she was still looking to be the flasher she had been in the 80's. Blatant, perfectly accepted sexism at its finest.

I hope Beyonce kills it. I really do. I hope she gives all of those old white pricks a reason to eat their own tongues. She's been a solid performer from before motherhood and even during her pregnancy. Never considered myself a big fan of hers, but when I get home from buying CDs at the local record store, watching whichever foreign movie at the art theater is playing and coming home to hear the after-show commentary, I really am rooting for her getting nothing but praise and the yanked on tight collars of those who have to choke down some humble pie.


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