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Why does Genevieve Morton put on lingerie when we only want to see it off?

09.28.2016by: Cherry Liquor
When you have a body like Genevieve Morton's, it's only natural that you would want to cash in on showing it off. So it makes sense that we keep seeing photoshoots of the curvy model for fashion campaigns such as Cleo by Panache but I so much rather prefer when someone convinces her to ditch the underthings, as they did with this Randal Slavin photoshoot from August. I think Morton needs something special to set her apart from all of the other lingerie models out there, aside from just that womanly body of hers that puts those Photoshopped stick figures that Victoria's Secret is hellbent on transitioning over to. I'm thinking Adore Me, the lingerie company that Sophie Simmons was flashing some ass for should buy up Morton, Charlotte McKinney, Ashley Graham and the other hotties with fuller breasts and hips and create an alternate campaign. If only there were a real Peggy Olson out there to make it happen (having just finished up watching all of "Mad Men," can I complain that the show sold her out in the end? You know she was the only one who could not only stand up to Draper, she surpassed him with cleverness and stick-to-it-ness).
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