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Why did Emma Roberts cross the road?

03.30.2016by: Droz

We heard some different opinions from some of you on the topic of Emma Roberts in the latest Face Off. Some folks like her and find her hot, some don't like her at all. As is often the case, I tend to fall into the middle ground between those two polarized views. Sometimes I like her as an actress. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I find her hot. Sometimes I don't. She's one of those hotties you really have to catch at the right moment. For instance, catch her in the right role and she's an impressive actress. Also, catch her wearing (or not wearing) the right stuff makes her an equally impressive hottie. For instance, take her here looking both ways before crossing in some '70s throwback clothes. Pretty hot, right? I'd ignore traffic and risk being turned into a speed bump to catch a few more glances at Emma like this. Maybe next week I wont give her a second glance. She's weird like that, but for now let's just appreciate her while we can.

Source: NSFW


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