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Who wouldn't want to go a few rounds with Maria Menounos?

08.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

An effective move in mixed martial arts is called a Mount. A compromising spot to find yourself in, defined by as a ground position where a competitor is on top of her opponent with her legs around the opponent’s body. The opponent is on his back, and the competitor is facing him, driving her hips forward to maintain pressure. People who are competing may “take the mount” or may “be mounted.” This position is very advantageous for the person on top and very dangerous for the person on the bottom. If you've ever seen the move executed, it looks like "the mounter" is one gyration away from getting a mustache ride.

In the off chance anyone found themselves in the octagon with Maria Menounos, you'd see them fight their way into the receiving end of that position rather than avoiding it – and they'd die before tapping out. There's no glory in quitting, but finding your obliques gripped in a vice that is Maria's legs, bearing down pressure on your diaphram with her pelvis, well, if you ask me, that's a glorious way to lose. And she could do it. Just take a look at this workout/photo op for the Tapout fitness even. It provides more than enough proof that the Greek goddess has the power in them legs to put a hurt on some lucky adversary.

Source: Got Celeb


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