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Who wouldn't want to climb into Alicia Vikander's back seat?

03.17.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I am kinda of excited to see Alicia Vikander in this summer's JASON BOURNE, not only because she'll be the next best thing to having Franka Potente's Marie come back from the dead but because, well, Vikander has proven herself to be a wily thing in movies where brawny dudes run amok. While she might have won her Oscar for THE DANISH GIRL, I found much more pleasure in her performances as AI Ava in EX-MACHINA and Gaby from THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E this past year. Judging by her line-up for 2016, Vikander looks to be splitting her talent between similar projects, from the Damon action flick to a new historical romantic drama from director Justin Chadwick (THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL) called TULIP FEVER, co-starring Christoph Waltz and the romantic drama where she met current boyfriend, Michael Fassbender, THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS. This lady is unstoppable right now and you'll hear no complaints from me about it.
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