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Who wouldn't want a little bare back from Alessandra Ambrosio?

09.29.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Now that Behati Prinsloo and Candice Swanepoel have come down with a case of the babies (Swany is due any day, Behati gave birth to daughter Dusty Rose on September 21st), it's falling on Alessandra Ambrosio's, often-bare shoulders to pick up the Victoria Secret modeling slack. Because the gig as an Angel is more than just posing in bras & panties for the company itself, Ambrosio has been seen at premieres, film festivals and launch parties like this one for Gilt Life, something she took to heart by wearing a metallic dress that showed off equal amounts of bare back and legs. Ambrosio is one of my favorite Angels not because she's the most beautiful but because she has the bubbliest personality, smiling and winking at photographers while never looking as if she's put out by her job as a mannequin with a pulse. Too many of these models look angry, probably because they're starving, or bored... probably because they don't know how to function without a cell phone in their hand for 2 minutes. Alessandra is neither and the fact that she's a robust MILF as well is only icing.
Source: Daily Mail


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