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Who wouldn't take the snap from Jojo Fletcher?

08.09.2016by: No Cool Handle

I seriously can't stomach reality shows like The Bachelorette. There's no better evidence for pointing out the decay of anything resembling culture. It's difficult to deny, however, that the unwatchable show does produce some visual delights every now and again. I'm talking about JoJo Fletcher playing pigskin with her manufactured husband, Jordan Rodgers (Who I consciously chose to leave out. You're welcome!). What I didn't leave out were images of Jojo's off-the-market ass bending over in a bikini; her shapely bod is the only good reason for that IQ killer of a series to exist. This leaves you free and clear to fantasize about what it would be like to share a intimate huddle with such a woman. Although, you'd have to send the boy toy off the field in a stretcher before you can gain any real yardage.

Source: Got Celeb


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