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Who wouldn't let Brittney Palmer put them in a submissive position

12.18.2015by: No Cool Handle

Our lady of the octagon, Brittany Palmer, attended the UFC after party looking fit and fine. This hard-bodied round card holder is a worthy successor to Arianny Celeste. I've been a fan of her since I lost my shit over her hot and sweaty Playboy pictorial – luckily before the no more nudes cut off. I'm usually not into the whole buff chick look but she's right in that Goldilocks sweet spot of not to small, not to bulky; just right. Speaking of buff, she looks like she could definitely throw down in the ring. Maybe a good way to test that notion out is to let her throw my ass to the mat, straddle me and start pounding away. I wonder if Connor MacGregor already knows what taking a sexy beating like that feels like? I'll bet if the answer is no, it's only a matter of time before he finds out. That kind of female is fit for a champion.

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