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Who wouldn't want to be on a private space voyage with Jennifer Lawrence?

12.15.2016by: No Cool Handle

Columbia Pictures is banking on Jennifer Lawrence and her ability to put butts in the buckets, hoping it wasn't just a built-in fan base that led HUNGER GAMES to great financial success, but Jennifer's star power as well. For whatever reason, they've chosen to release their new sci-fi blockbuster, PASSENGERS, hot on the heels of a highly anticipated spinoff to the biggest, most beloved, sci-fi franchise in movie history. Ballsy! Stupid, but ballsy!. There's nothing in the trailer to indicate movie patrons will pass on ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY – even a week after its release – in favor of movie that is trying to draw people in via visual appeasement – gorgeous visual effects and pretty leads. PASSENGERS looks like the kind of movie it's stars will later dismiss as one they did for the paycheck. Anywho, it's been beyond enjoyable, watching JLaw attend the many premieres in various states of sexy. Here's yet another iteration of Jennifer's lovely elegance, this time in a white gown, graciously providing a rough idea of what I can expect her to look like on our wedding day.

Source: Got Celeb


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